For many of our customers, Halal food requirements and procedures are commonly understood, however, for some of our friends not as well versed, we would like to take a moment to explain.

The word Halal literally means "permissible or lawful." The opposite of "Halal" is "Haram," meaning "not permissible or prohibited." Similar in concept to kosher foods consumed by those of the Jewish faith, in Islam, Muslims consume foods that are Halal. Meats are not the only items to be considered Halal or Haram. Companies must also consider the issue of whether food product derivatives and ingredients are produced with alcohol or ingredients of non-Halal animal origin. It is crucial that companies comply with USA Halal food laws and the laws of countries requiring products to be of Halal origin, certified Halal, and bearing the correct documentation from a reputable company in the Halal food industry.

Midamar is the first company in the United States to work in conjunction with the USDA in developing an accredited Halal food program. Many factors have contributed to our success. Midamar Halal foods are held to the highest integrity at the point of slaughter, processed with the best ingredients, under strict supervision of the USDA, followed up by superior customer service, and finally, we believe simply held to higher standards than that of our competitors.

We know that by never skimping on quality, Midamar Halal foods will be the choice of consumers due to our overall quality and taste. We believe our customer's deserve the best and Midamar has delivered for nearly 40 years. Many people who normally do not consume Halal foods are now turning to the quality of Midamar Halal. Regardless of your religious background, high quality Midamar Halal foods are enjoyed by all. Inshallah (God willing), we will continue to earn our customers trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. Thank you and enjoy.

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