Premium Quality Halal Chicken
Halal chicken products are Midamar customer favorites. Try our Halal Chicken Breast Nuggets, made with 100% breast meat, or our delicious and convenient Halal Chicken Breast Patties. These Halal chicken products are unique in that they are fully cooked making them healthier and safer than uncooked products. Halal Chicken wings are always a party favorite! They are available in our new bulk food section. Convenient and economical Halal Chicken Franks are a favorite with big and small kids. Don’t forget to check out our Chicken Cuts section for traditional halal whole chickens and cut up chicken pieces. Halal Chicken cuts are hand slaughtered, vegetarian fed, and antibiotic free!

   Halal Frozen Prepared Chicken 

   Halal Organic Chicken 

   Halal Chicken Bulk Foods 

 Halal Chicken Cuts

   Halal Chicken Deli
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