Midamar Halal


Halal Organic Chicken
Now you and your family can enjoy Halal chicken that is 100% vegetarian fed, and free range. Organic chickens are humanely raised and fed a diet of organically grown grains. All Midamar Halal Organic Chickens are USDA Certified Organic and can be traced to the family farm where they originate.

All Midamar air chilled organic chickens are hand slaughtered and cooled using unique air chilling technology. Air chilling means that the chickens are cooled by a blast of cold air instead of the traditional method whereby they are dunked in a pool of water. This prevents cross contamination and improves the taste and texture of the chicken. This process also saves precious water resources and provides a better value for you as air chilled chickens do not retain processing water.

Halal Organic Beef
Halal Organic Beef is humanely raised on small Midwestern family farms. Certified organic by the USDA, the cattle only consume organically grown grass and grains. The cattle are “grass fed and corn finished” meaning that they are grass fed up to approximately one month prior to harvesting. Absolutely no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids are used when raising these cattle. All Halal organic cattle are hand slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. Midamar Halal Organic Beef products are harvested early to provide you with superior taste and texture. Try Halal Organic beef today!
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