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Halal Seekh Kebab is the kebab of Pakistan! A truly uniquely spiced Halal ground beef kebab link. Each kebab is approximately 7 inches long and is delicious when grilled on skewers. In Pakistan, it is often cooked in a tandoor (clay oven) and can be served with a variety of your favorite sauces. The uniquely pure Halal beef ingredients give it a delicious taste. Try grilling or frying the Halal beef seekh kebab link and serving it wrapped in naan or pita bread like a döner or gyro sandwich.  However you prepare it, your taste buds will thank you!  These Halal kebabs are perfectly seasoned using an authentic Pakistani recipe and top quality Midwestern Halal beef with absolutely NO MS.

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Mild and good taste
Reviewer:Farid Mild and good taste

Reviewer:hoho this kabab is so good! everyone should try it :)

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