Air Chilled Halal Organic Whole Chicken (fryer)

Air Chilled Halal Organic Whole Chicken (fryer)
Air Chilled Halal Organic Whole Chicken (fryer)
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$132.43 / case

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Midamar Halal foods is pleased to offer this uniquely wholesome, Halalthy™ and delicious Air Chilled Organic Halal Chicken that will have you and your family looking forward to chicken night once again! Certified Organic by both the USDA and The Oregon Tilth, you know that this product meets the highest standards for wholesomeness while setting the standard for minimal environmental impact. Your fryer is fed only the highest quality Certified Organic corn and grains which are completely free of animal by-products while forging in a low-density, free-range environment. The Air-Chilled Advantage allows Midamar to save you money, in that you are not paying an artificially inflated price for a chicken that contains retained water.  The Air-Chilled Advantage saves thousands of gallons of water every day through non-emersion cooling technology. Humanely raised on family farms in America’s heartland, the unmatched taste and texture of this Halal Organic chicken is delightful roasted, baked, fried, grilled, stewed, casseroled, in soups and more -  you get the picture. You've asked and once again, Midamar delivered.
This product is also defined as ‘Zabiha Halal’ or ‘Hand Slaughtered Halal’. Midamar Certified Organic  Air Chilled Halal Chickens are certified by Islamic Services of America - the first and most widely recognized Halal Certifier in the USA. Your fryer is hand slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Law. . Your fryer will not contain giblets. We invite your feedback as we continue to launch new and healthy options for you and your family. Each Halal fryer is approximately 3 lbs and there are 8 in each case.

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Expensive but safe to eat
Reviewer:Sr Salima Salam, The world has moved into another stage of safe eating. The reality is we Muslims have a choice to eat halal & safe from Midamar or not. Unfortunately like everything else in life anything good cost more. Looks like we are forced to stop wasting food. It is wonderful to eat real chicken once in a while.

Reviewer:Mohamad It's very expensive for a chicken

great taste!
Reviewer:MB I am really impressed with the quality of this organic chicken. It taste really good.

Great chicken
Reviewer:Z Great chicken and quick delivery

What I saw
Reviewer:AAK I have recently ordered from the whole chicken both organic and regular. Although the none organic tested old, all the four I opened from them had a big portion of the neck. Today, I opened an organic one and it looked like those slaughtered by a machine because was no neck.

Loyal Midamar customer thanks to halal organic chicken
Reviewer:EatwellEathalalmeat I was thrilled when Midamar finally offered halal organic chicken. The chicken is delicious and I use all the parts, making home made chicken stock and broth with the bones. It is unfortunate that the price has increased, but I hope Midamar will soon offer grassfed beef with the organic chicken.

Best whole chicken
Reviewer:Shadia This product is by far the best whole chicken available, and not just in the halal market. When I thawed it I had no excess water whatsoever. The meat was juicy, tender and very delicious!

Real organic chicken
Reviewer:UmmAnvar It is a pleasure to see organic halal chicken in such a exceptionally good quality, it tastes and looks the same as the organic farm chicken we used to buy.

Real organic chicken
Reviewer:UmmAisha This is real organic halal chicken the color of the meat and taste of it the same we used to buy from an organic farm. May Allah Bless your business! Will be looking forward for more halal and toyyib products!

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