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Superior Quality

We are very happy and truly blessed to have Midamar as our supplier for the superior quality Crescent products. The integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness of Midamar's friendly staff is greatly appreciated. Midamar's dependability, the convenient shipping, and delicious tasting healthy products are an excellent value!

Jameelah Campbell

Extraordinary Service

I have been a customer of Midamar Halal for two years. Their service is extraordinary, and the products have always arrived on time and in excellent condition. Problems are quickly resolved by their courteous staff. I highly recommend this wonderful service for Muslims who want to eat zabeeha.

Farrah Khan

I rate Midamar at 100%!

Thank you for the service your company provides. I rate it 100% and I have 3 reasons for this.
1. Two days is all it takes for a family to have Halal on their plates. When you want the best quality for your family, you order from Midamar.
2. Your products are always packaged with care. After nine years of great service, I will only order from Midamar
3. Your customer service is outstanding, it is so refreshing to talk with a person and not a recording
Karimah Shakour

Excellent Customer Services

I just wanted you let you know that I surfed the web and there were many Halal food web sites, but yours was the BEST. Very user friendly, so many products to choose from and very reasonable prices. I told my whole family about you guys. All my questions were answered and shipping was finalized. The items I ordered were here as expected and in great condition. All items were also packed carefully. I will definitely recommend Midamar. Thank you for taking the time out to contact us and making sure our order was correct. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE

We love ordering from MidamarHalal.com!

We love ordering meat from MidamarHalal.com. As a group of families, we order cases of ground beef, hotdogs, salami, beef bacon and deli meat and split the products amongst ourselves. My family loves the taste of the deli items. The taste and the quality are much better than the non halal deli meats we used to buy and we no longer worry about what’s in the food we are buying.

Use Midamar Products for Years to Come!

On different occasions, I had a chance to talk to the customer service of Midamar. I wanted to make sure that their animals were not tortured or abused like so many cases that have been reported on media in regard to animal abuse. They provided me the information about their farmers and butchers. Afterward, I felt even more at ease about their products.
Above all, being Muslim, I found it very exciting for a change to greet someone on the phone with Islamic word 'Asslum Alikum" instead of "hello or hi". It has culturally connected me to my roots.

"In shah-Allah", God's willing, I plan to use Midamar products for years to come!


Excellent Service

As-Salaamu Alaikum, I ordered meat from Midamar for the first time and the whole process, from start to finish, was easy. I really appreciated the way the poundage adds up automatically. I was nervous about shipping but that was excellent. When my meat came, everything was still frozen and my package came so quickly. I am happy that my family can have halal meat, at a fair price. Thank You and Ramadan Mubarak.
Karimah Salahuddin
Richmond VA

Expert and friendly service!

The staff at Midamar provide such expert and friendly service. The quality of their products is superior.
Follow-up on any problems with products or shipment is very prompt. We thank them for their wonderful service to the Muslim Community.

Michele B
Maui HI

Muslim 9yrs

I have been Muslim 9yrs and I have been eating this brand of halal products for the majority of the 9yrs I have been Muslim. Thank you for providing such good tasting products.
Chester James
Moreno Valley CA

Thank you for the donation

Alhumdilillah the lunch program is going well. It has been interesting to watch the children of refugees get their meals and be surprised to see a hot dog!! Most children will run and bring the lunch to their mothers before they eat, asking if its Halal. We have shown the parents the product packages. The biggest hit of the summer has been the Midamar Hot Dogs, cooked on the grill they are delicious!! The teenagers have stated that the Midamar Hot Dogs are the best they've ever had and always ask when we'll be serving again. For many of the refugee children from Iraq, it is the first time they've had hotdogs but they love them. Once again, JazakullahKhair for the donations, we would not have been able to run such a quality program without.


Professional and friendly staff...

I have been ordering chicken from Midamar for several years now for large events for my clients and I have to say I am always impressed by the level of service I receive. Not only is the staff knowledgeable about what would best work but also very professional and friendly. I also buy Midamar products for my family and always love the flavor and how easy they are to prepare. My kids can't get enough of the hot dogs!
Isra'a Rahman
Events Manager
Mirza PR

There is no better taste and no comparison.

My family and I were excited to hear we were the winner of $100 worth of halal foods from Midamar Halal. We enjoy the quality and taste of your food items. It would be great to have when we invite our family and friends to enjoy with us. There is no better taste and no comparison. May Allah bring success in your business endeavors. Thank you.
Miguel Angel Colon