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Halal Steak Fajita Recipe

Posted by     Halal Foodies Community      27 Comments  views (668)
A delicious recipe for a classic Mexican dish prepared with Halal sirloin steaks.

Homemade Pizza Recipe with Halal Beef Pizza Topping

Posted by     Halal Foodies Community      18 Comments  views (694)
A recipe for homemade pizza that perfectly compliments Midamar's Halal Seasoned Beef Pizza Topping.

Barbecue Beef Sandwich Recipe, Easy and Delicious!

Posted by     Halal Foodies Community      14 Comments  views (379)
delicious easy and simple barbeque sandwich recipe made using Midamar Chuck Roast perfect for dinner or lunch get together

Halal Chicken Stock and Soup Made Easy!

Posted by     Halal Foodies Community      13 Comments  views (500)
Soup is delicious and a healthy way to break your fast during Ramadan.  Here are some tips to making soup quick, easy and delicious.
Midwest-based Midamar Corporation, a pioneering leader for halal certified and USDA inspected beef and poultry products, is adding individually packaged halal beef sticks to its line of Zabiha halal beef snack products.
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