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Halal Kafta Burger Recipe

Posted by     Halal Living Recipes      1 Comments  views (791)
A recipe for Halal Kafta Burgers

Fauzia's Kitchen Fun Frozen Meals

Posted by     Halal Foodies Community      0 Comments  views (485)
New line of Midamar Halal frozen meals created with Fauzia's Kitchen Fun

Lentil stew (Mujadara)

Posted by     Halal Living Recipes      2 Comments  views (391)
A delicious middle-eastern dish with lentils and vegetables.
Two big names in the ethnic food market join to provide high-quality halal meat products to the US market
Midamar, the national Halal food brand, expands its line of Halal food to include one of America's first nationally distributed line of Halal Bread and Buns
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