Halal Sliced Beef Pepperoni MBPEP03

I own a bakery and we make brick oven pizza. Your pepperoni is by far the best! The flavor is sublime. We appreciate such a fine product! -Grace G.

  • Top quality Midwestern Halal beef

  • Authentic Italian Dry Aged

  • A best seller for over 15 years!

  • Try a 5lb bag or a case of 2/5 lb bags

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Midamar Halal Beef Pepperoni has been a best seller for over 15 years! This delicious beef pepperoni is perfect in a sandwich, in a stew, sauce or casserole. And of course, it is delicious on PIZZA! However you prepare it, you’ll be able to taste the flavor in every delicious bite!  This Halal pepperoni is perfectly seasoned using a secret old family recipe and top quality Midwestern Halal beef with absolutely no MSG, no organ meat, and no fillers. The quality of the beef and the ingredients set this pepperoni above the rest. 

Halal Beef Pepperoni Pizza

Product Details

Pack Weight 5lb (2.27 kg)
Case Weight 10 lb (4.54 kg)
Units/Case 2 packs
Ingredients Halal Beef, Salt, Sugar, Water, Oleoresin of Paprika, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Garlic Powder, Flavoring, Sodium Nitrite, Ascorbic Acid, BHA, BHT, Citric Acid.