Halal Beef Back Ribs - 65 lb Avg


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  • Top quality Midwestern Halal beef

  • Tender Choice Beef

  • Try a 65 lb average case of ribs

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Midamar's Halal Beef Back Ribs are some of the most tender and succulent cuts of beef available. Midamar's Beef Ribs are top quality choice beef cuts. These Beef Ribs are an amazing alternative to pork ribs for any halal consumer looking to host a traditional BBQ cookout.  These are delicious bone-in ribs ready to be marinated, smothered, rubbed, or shredded, for grilling or slow cooking. However, you enjoy this classic BBQ meat cut you are sure to be pleased. Halal beef ribs a rich in protein and other nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Product Details

Case Weight Avg 65lb (29.48 kg)
Ingredients Halal Beef


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Ms. Paula Rafter
Paula R. on 12/08/2018

I like the beef ribs I ordered, however l wished you cut them smaller .and wrap them separately for easier access and storage.


Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback.