Halalthy™ Chicken Thigh with Tandoori Seasoning, Rice, & Lentils MPMTC

"The packaging is convenient and you can pop one quickly in the microwave for a delicious and healthy meal" -Shaqjeel A.

  • Served over premium quality rice

  • Contains no MSG, trans fat, fillers, or preservatives

  • Free of gluten and low in sodium

  • A case has 6 meals

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Halal Chicken Tandoori meal is delicious, convenient, wholesome, and Halalthy™. Just heat and serve. You will enjoy the delightful ethnic flavors of this famous dish. Halal Chicken, marinated in spices and served over premium quality rice. Midamar Halal Prepared Meals contain no MSG, no trans fat, no fillers, no preservatives, free of gluten and low in sodium. These meals are perfect for those watching their diet. Just spice according to your tastes and preferences. Halal Meals are made with only the finest ingredients and pre-cooked to perfection. The Halal prepared line contains specially made dietary meals. Add salt and spices as desired.

Chicken Thigh with Tandoori Seasoning Rice and Lentils


Product Details

Pack Weight 0.6 lb (0.27 kg)
Case Weight 3.75 lb (1.70 kg)
Units/Case 6 packs
Ingredients Water, Halal Chicken Thigh, Basmati Rice (long grain aromatic white rice), Lentils, Tandoor Spice Blend (spices, canola oil, salt, onion, garlic, red no. 40), Salt, White Pepper