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Midamar Adds SnoPac Organic Fruits and Vegetables to Online Storefront

Midamar Adds SnoPac Organic Fruits and Vegetables to Online Storefront

Now you can get halal meats and organic vegetables and fruits all in one convenient location,! We will be adding SnoPac Organic fruits and vegetables to our already extensive line of Halal meat products! You will be able to order frozen peas, corn, green beans, spinach, mixed vegetables, carrots, and much more but, that’s just the vegetables! We will also be adding frozen blueberries, strawberries, red raspberries, cranberries, and a berry blend. Perfect for your halathy smoothie! All of these products are certified organic and have no preservatives, so you get all the great natural flavor you need. These new items are available now on the new

SnoPac Foods Inc., located in Caledonia, Minnesota, has been certified organic since 1943! Being organic is a family tradition at SnoPac. Through 4 generations of family ownership, SnoPac has operated its entire value chain – from farmland, through planting and harvesting, to processing, packaging, and selling organic produce – to bring the most healthy and best tasting organic produce to market. Sno Pac also believes in growing and sourcing its organic produce locally – approximately 80% of what SnoPac packages were grown within 60 miles of Caledonia, Minnesota! 

Looking to that take advantage of these great products? Look no further than our recipes tab! With recipes like Lubiah and Italian Meatball Soup, Midamar can make weeknight cooking a breeze. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube so you can keep up to date with all of our new recipes, we release a new one every Friday at noon CST!

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