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Cheeseburger bowls are a new way to enjoy your favorite burger!

Cheeseburger bowls are a new way to enjoy your favorite burger!

What makes a cheeseburger such a classic? They’re easy to make, they taste great, and that taste can be improved any way you want with the flavors you love. That’s exactly what you’ll get to do with this week's recipe! This isn’t just any old burger we're switching up how you enjoy burgers with this recipe for Cheeseburger Bowls! They're perfect if you’re trying to eat cleaner in the new year, want to try a twist on an old favorite, or just can’t be bothered to fire up the grill right now, then this is the recipe for you.

The most immediate change from a regular burger is that these bowls don’t use a bun to hold everything, thus the bowl, so if you’re trying to cut down on carbs you’ll be glad to see this served on a bed of salad greens instead. Secondly, we didn’t use traditional burger patties for this recipe and instead opted to use Midamars premium Halal ground beef to serve as our juicy and flavorful protein, and it’s more than up to the task. But if you are reading this during grilling season and are looking for a reason to get outside and grill some patties instead, we will have you covered there as well. No matter what you decide, there’s plenty of delicious Halal beef ready when you need it, we just added a few seasonings to mix in and after a quick cook time in a pan it’s ready to go. But we also wanted to add a Midamar signature flavor to our bowls, so we had to add some crispy Halal breakfast beef as well to add some smoky bacon cheeseburger flavor while still staying Halal.

After the meat is cooked, that’s all the cooking you need for this recipe so now it’s just a matter of prepping whatever veggies you like on your burgers normally. But because these are going to be served on greens, don’t be afraid to add some of the veggies you might like in a salad too. Cucumber might not be the first flavor you think of for a burger, but we diced some and added it into our bowls and it was delicious and went well with the usual toppings you’d expect from a burger like tomato and onion. Because this sort of a mix between burger and salad, we wanted to give it a sauce that worked for both so we drizzled thousand island dressing over top, this went great with the greens while also adding the tanginess you might find in some burger sauces. After assembling all of your ingredients in a bowl, it’s ready to be served just like a salad, it has a great mix of flavors you’d expect from a juicy burger with the crisp freshness from a salad, all in one convenient dish! As a bonus, a few ingredients go a long way with this recipe, so you can enjoy it now and have plenty leftover for later.


This was a recipe that really surprised us, from its simplicity to its great flavor and mix of textures, there’s a lot to like about this recipe and we’re hoping you give it a try! And when you’re trying it, don’t be afraid to do some experimenting of your own, what did you add or take out that made this great recipe even better? We hope you let us know, and until next time, we hope you enjoy.

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