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Candied Halal Bacon!

Candied Halal Bacon!

Bacon. It is... well trendy. So, let's keep messin' around with it! This time we're going to candy it, we've coated it in chocolate in the past and that was pretty good, so this time let's go on the other sweet spectrum.

I've been learning about candies recently and I've discovered that caramel and butterscotch are made in essentially the same process. The only difference is caramel is made from white sugar and butterscotch is made from brown sugar. This is important because as a small child I loved butterscotch pudding. So, let's apply that great taste to bacon! One final note here, this is definitely a "base recipe." 

A base recipe is a lot like a wall that has been painted with primer, once it's going you can pretty much do anything to it and you won't have an "incorrect" recipe. Want it spicy? Toss in chili flakes. Want some toppings? Try coconut shreds. There are literally thousands of options, not all will be great but, that's how you develop your skills! Just try it out.

Check the video below to see how I made this or keep scrolling for the full recipe



4 strips of beef bacon

4 strips of turkey bacon

1 cup of maple syrup

~1 cup of Brown Sugar, possibly more


1) Pour maple syrup into a large mixing bowl

2) Dip the bacon into syrup, coat thoroughly and cover bacons with brown sugar. Again, coat thoroughly.

3) Place bacon on baking sheet with a rack. Bake at 325° for 20-25 minute or until bacon is fully cooked

4) Remove from baking sheet and cut into small bite sized pieces. Use on cupcakes, corn chowder, sweet potato casserole, or anything you'd like!

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