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Easy and Delicious Smash Burger Tacos

Easy and Delicious Smash Burger Tacos

Where can you turn when you’re craving a burger but tacos are just sounding too good? You turn to this week’s recipe that has the best of both worlds of course, because we’re bringing you a recipe for smash burger tacos that combine the best parts of a juicy burger with a fresh and flavorful taco all in one!

Before cooking is the task of prepping a few ingredients for this recipe. We kept it simple with a few ingredients you would expect to see on a taco, diced tomato and onion, shredded lettuce and cheese. Freshly shredding the cheese yourself helps ensure that the cheese melts properly later. Sure, pre-shredded cheese is fine but doesn’t give you that gooey melty cheese that we all love. We also made a simple sauce of a few condiments that you would expect to find on a burger all mixed together, and this brings a good deal of semi-sweet tanginess that goes great with what is otherwise a pretty savory recipe.

“Now, how does one go about actually making a smash burger taco?” I hear you asking yourself, and it’s actually really simple and the results are incredibly delicious. You start by setting a small handful of Halal ground beef down onto a hot pan and you press it flat with a tortilla over top and believe it or not the recipes halfway done! The beef cooks in no time because it’s been pressed so flat and when it is cooked, just flip it with the tortilla and top with the shredded cheese. The cheese melts in just enough time for the bottom of the tortilla to get the perfect amount of crispiness, and after that remove it from the pan and add your toppings! This recipe was a big hit that surprised a lot of us, we expected it to be good, who doesn’t like burgers and tacos after all? But we weren’t expecting it to be THIS good, the two halves of this recipe really come together with the best of both to make something that is so much better than just a good burger or taco. The tortilla is just the right amount of crispy and the toppings have that great fresh flavor to go with the beef and melty cheese, all tied together with a tangy burger sauce!

That’s it for this week, it was quick one for a quick recipe, but a recipe that delivers great flavor all the same. This is a definitely a personal favorite recipe that I’m so glad we got to share with you all, and we’re hoping you give it a try and share it with someone you think might like it too. Next time you can’t decide what to make for dinner, keep this recipe in mind and you won’t have to decide between a great burger or taco, and you might end up with a new favorite recipe. Enjoy!

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