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Easy and tasty Greek yogurt chicken!

Easy and tasty Greek yogurt chicken!

It’s a new year and with it comes a new recipe from us here at Midamar! But rather than go all-out with an obscure recipe that tries to revolutionize how you cook, we decided to keep it simple but effective this week with a tasty little twist on some classic cooking that we’re sure anybody will be able to make for themselves. It’s hard to go wrong with oven baked chicken and that’s what we have for you this week, albeit we’ve decided to add a little flavor by marinating it in Greek yogurt and a blend of a few herbs and spices to keep things fresh and exciting. So if you’re in need of a simple recipe with a little flavor flair to mix it up, then this weeks recipe is for you.

The most important part of this recipe is obviously the chicken and for that we use only the best, and the best in our opinion is Midamar’s Halal chicken breast because we can always count on it being juicy, tender, and flavorful and you deserve to have that for your meals too. What really sets this recipe apart from other chicken recipes is the marinade, which uses a very simple blend of Greek yogurt with a few additions like onion and garlic powder, as well as a little lemon juice mixed in to add a little bit more flavor to the marinade. The genius of this recipe is how the acidity of the yogurt and lemon juice work to break down the chicken and tenderize it, while providing a subtle tangy flavor at the end that doesn't overstate or cover the flavor of the meat like some other marinades. Sometimes it’s good to have a recipe that has a “less-is-more” flavor and that’s what this provides with just enough flavor to delight with every bite but without overstaying its welcome.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we aren’t done with the chicken just yet. After it’s marinated it just needs a little dusting of breadcrumbs before it goes in the oven to give it a little bit of a crispy texture once it’s baked. This is a simple recipe that really does it all! It has a great flavor from the marinade and a consistency that satisfies as well, with just enough of a crust to pair with the tenderness of the chicken. All of this from a recipe that takes no time at all to prepare aside from letting the chicken marinate for a few hours. But no chicken dinner is complete without some sides to go with it, and to that end we kept it consistent with the “simple but satisfying” theme of this whole recipe and served the chicken with some baked broccoli and a side of couscous. We used Sno-Pac organic broccoli laid out on a sheet pan and drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with some onion and garlic powder. This is a side that’s healthy, delicious, and convenient as you’ll be able to bake this and the chicken together, just remove the broccoli after 20 to 30 minutes and it’ll be nice and crisp and goes great with the chicken.

Just like that you have another recipe. This is an incredibly versatile one that’s great year round, goes great with a wide array of side options, and lets you play around and add more flavor to it if you want a marinade that’s a bit bolder. Otherwise, we were very pleased with this recipe and wanted to share it with you, and as always, we’re hoping you share it with someone that you think might enjoy it. Give this recipe a try for yourself and enjoy until our new recipe next week!

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