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Hot, Hearty, and Halal Vegetable Beef Stew!

Hot, Hearty, and Halal Vegetable Beef Stew!

During the winter months, sometimes a hot bowl of hearty soup is just what we need to warm up and revitalize body and soul, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this vegetable beef stew all year round because it is sure to satisfy! This week we have a recipe for an amazing pot of simple and delicious beef stew that we think is just what you need to get through the winter, or if you’re reading this from the future, it’s just what you need to make an easy and delicious dinner any time of year. So, if the idea of enjoying a warm bowl of juicy Halal beef and crisp veggies interests you, let’s take a look!

We’ll save the best for first and start with the most important part of this beef stew: the beef itself. We of course used premium Halal beef from Midamar, and it was a great opportunity to put the beef stew meat specifically to good use. It’s pre-cut to perfectly sized pieces for stew which also makes it so easy to brown each piece just a little bit before we put it in with the rest of the stew later. This goes back to the simplicity of the recipe that I said earlier, the beef can get cooked a little bit in the pot, then a few of your veggies like onion, carrot and celery are cooked to soften in the same pot, so you won’t need to dirty a load of dishes to prepare this if you want a no-muss no-fuss dinner. You’re looking to just brown the beef on each side a little bit during this step, not fully cook it just yet, because the beef will simmer with the veggies for an hour, and this will fully cook the beef without overcooking it while it simmers. Just getting the process started beforehand will ensure that the beef in your beef stew is fully cooked while the final product will be tender and flavorful without getting overdone and cooking out its flavor.

Now, while properly preparing the beef is an important part of making this recipe good, we can’t forget about the veggies that make this recipe great, and great for you! Besides browning the beef, slicing some of the veggies is the only other prep you’ll need to worry about for this recipe, and that’s taken care of in no time. Slicing a yellow onion, a few large carrots, red potatoes, and stalks of celery is all you’ll need to worry about preparing yourself because Midamar also has you covered for easy, pre-prepared bags of some of your favorite organic vegetables. On top of the fresh veggies, we also added Sno-Pac frozen corn, peas, and green beans to make sure you get your daily vegetables, and all of these combined make the soup so rich with fresh and earthy flavors. The frozen veggies can be added a little bit before you serve the stew so they get nice and hot with everything else, and the red potatoes are added at the halfway point while the stew is simmering so they can soften without overcooking and getting too soft. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of mixing everything into a pot with Halal beef broth and an hour later with some mixing throughout is all you need before you have an amazing pot of hot and flavorful Vegetable beef stew, and this recipe makes plenty of servings to go around!

And that’s all there is to it, a deceptively simple but no-less delicious beef stew that is perfect for getting through the winter, or perfect for just an easy dinner for you and the whole family with plenty left over. This recipe was such a hit around the office that we knew we had to share it with you, and we’re hoping you spread the word and share it with someone that you think might enjoy it. We are already excited to share next weeks recipe with you, but until then we’re hoping you enjoy this one.

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