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Texas Tandoori Skewers!

Texas Tandoori Skewers!

We're back again with a collab between Halal BBQ Pitmasters and Midamar! Now, I may not be a pitmaster, but this recipe was easy even for me. First off, I'd like to thank Halal BBQ Pitmasters for this super easy and super tasty recipe. Second, I cannot stress how much I love Tandoori, especially this Tandoori. I don't mind heat in my food but if it's just hot, it's boring. It's forgettable. What I like is a harmonious blend of heat and flavor; I can appreciate the tandoori seasonings while getting a nice pick me up of heat that brings the whole experience together in a succinct way, and now I can make it at home! 

I marinated mine over night but since I filmed this I've remade this at home and it was still tasty after only an hour in the marinade. I like to have this with a garlic naan and some Indian style rice with a yogurt sauce to amp up the flavors. However you make this I'm sure it will be delicious!

Keep scrolling for the full recipe or to see how I made this, check the video below!


1 lb Halal Chicken, cut into large chunks

3 Tbsp Halal BBQ Pitmasters Texas Tandoori Seasoning

6 Tbsp Canola or Vegetable Oil


1) In a mixing bowl combine Texas Tandoori and oil, whisking until combined.

2) In a zip top bag place Chicken and tandoori marinade, move chicken around in bag to ensure thorough coating and let marinate for 1 hour or overnight 

3) Heat grill to medium high  and grill skewers for 4 - 5 minutes per side or until chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°

4) Serve with Garlic Naan and Indian Style Rice and enjoy!

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