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The Best Halal Jalapeno Popper Burger and Cajun Bacon Wrapped Corn!

The Best Halal Jalapeno Popper Burger and Cajun Bacon Wrapped Corn!

Time to fire up the grill and make some mouthwatering meals! Summer is the perfect time to elevate your grilling game with some tantalizing new recipes. We’ll start this meal off with the grilled jalapeno popper burger and serve it with a side of seasoned corn on the cob wrapped in Midamar’s delicious natural wood smoked Halal beef bacon.

To make the burgers, we begin by adding 1 tbsp of our preferred burger seasoning to the Midamar Halal ground beef. If you want to really up the heat factor, add 1 tsp of cayenne pepper to the ground beef as well. Mix it well to ensure that the seasonings are incorporated into all of the meat. We found that after mixing the meat, it was better not to over mix. This made the meat sticky and became an issue later when we were stuffing the filling into the patties. Speaking of fillings…

The “jalapeno popper” part of this burger was made by combining cold cream cheese with mozzarella, cheddar, the titular jalapenos, and we decided to add some smokiness with Midamar Halal beef bacon. Now, this is another opportunity to increase the heat for those who want that. Now, I know this is a “jalapeno” popper burger but, if heat is the goal, try switching out the jalapenos for another pepper. If you’d like to keep the green look with the peppers, try serrano’s. They can be significantly hotter, so it may be worth tasting them before you add too many. If heat isn’t something you’re worried about, I say go wild; replace them with habanero’s or do a combination of all 3 types! After you’ve decided your heat level and mixed up your filling, it’s time to stuff it.

We start by making 8 small, thin patties. Then we take about 1-2 tbsp of filling and place it in the center of four of the patties. This was our next big learning point. Place one patty on top of the filling and lightly seal the patties together. We tried two different methods for this, the first was just pinching the patties closed. This did not work. The patties ended up separating and made a huge mess on our grill. The second method was much more successful. For this method, start by pinching the ends together and then pick up the patty and roll it into a ball until you see no seam. Then, press the ball down gently and form a thick patty. This is why we didn’t over mix earlier. Rolling the meat into the sphere shape made the meat pretty sticky in my hands, but all in all it made for the better of the burgers. If you have a better method for this please let us know on our Instagram!

But before we made the burgers, we made our corn. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much to say about the corn. It was smokey and flavorful, sweet with a little bit of heat from the Cajun seasoning, all in all it was delicious. Delicious and simple! All we did was put each cob on it’s own sheet of aluminum foil, season it, wrap it in bacon, wrap up the foil, threw it on the grill and made our burgers.


And that’s it! I hope you’re excited for your next grill out with Midamar’s great premium quality meats. Check out the full written recipe below and we’ll see you next week with another great grilling recipe!

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