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The Best Halal Maple Bacon Double Cheeseburgers

The Best Halal Maple Bacon Double Cheeseburgers

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you may be looking for a Halal recipe to make Dad as a thank you for everything he does, or maybe you’re just looking for a recipe that gives you an excuse to get out and grill. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for burgers then you’ve come to right place! Not only do we have a delicious recipe for Halal double cheeseburgers, we made it even better by adding flavorful Halal beef bacon glazed in maple syrup to sweeten the deal, no pun intended.

Speaking of bacon, that’s a good place to start when making this recipe. We used Halal Sandwich Style Beef Strips from Midamar, and they are perfect for these burgers. They cook in a pan in no time, taste great, and one package gives the perfect amount for the 6 double cheeseburgers this recipe accounts for. Once cooked entirely, we reserved the grease from the pan and brushed the inside of our burger buns with it before we toasted them on the grill, so no part of this recipe isn’t infused with any of the tasty flavors that we’re working with.

Then we turned the heat low, threw the beef strips back into the pan and brushed maple syrup on each side; this is what really sets this recipe apart from your regular cheeseburger. It makes the bacon deliciously sweet while keeping that smokey bacon flavor that makes it such a favorite to add to anything you can think of. This sweet-and-savory combo added to the flavors of the burgers and sauce at the end that makes this recipe a flavor combination that is a welcomed addition to grilling season.

For the burgers themselves, we used Midamar’s pure Halal beef burgers. These are great for simple day out grilling because they pack that authentic burger taste everyone knows and loves! These cook right from frozen, so no need to bother with shaping your own from ground beef. But these aren’t just any burgers we’re making; these are double cheeseburgers for double the delicious, and once they’re cooked we added a slice of Colby Jack cheese to each and let that melt over top for plenty of gooey cheese on each burger. We also made a quick but effective sauce for these, just a mix of mayo with some mustard and ketchup, a lot of things you would expect to see on a burger but all mixed into one tangy sauce, with the secret ingredient being a little bit of Louisiana hot sauce, not enough to be too hot, but just enough to add some kick.

Once everything is cooked, all that’s left is to assemble the burgers! We used a few different options for buns, some brioche, pretzel, and the classic sesame seed buns. We found that all three of these types of buns tasted great with the burgers and the sauce, so pick a personal favorite of yours because it will be great! A simple stack of pickles, two patties, and two strips of maple bacon with some sauce on top makes for a burger that really checks all the boxes. It has a little bit of sweetness with its smokey bacon and burger flavor, both are perfectly soft with just a little bit of crispiness without being overdone, and who doesn’t love the taste of melty cheese and a perfect burger sauce?

Summer is a season of grilling and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for dads everywhere, and getting out and grilling these burgers is the perfect way to do that. It’s a recipe packed with plenty of flavor and barely takes longer than grilling burgers normally, so if you plan on burgers this summer, give this recipe a try and share it with friends and family. That’s it for this week, we hope this recipe is enough to satisfy until we bring you another great recipe next week. Enjoy!

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